Entrepreneurship team

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Dr. Frank Pawlitschek

Frank took over the lead of HPI School of Entrepreneurship in September 2020. Frank gained early experience as a software developer in Silicon Valley during his schooldays and studies. Fascinated by the spirit and mentality in this unique ecosystem, he got inspired to eventually start an own company. Diversifying his personal experience, Frank completed his legal education in Mainz, Frankfurt, San Francisco and Auckland (New Zealand) and worked as an attorney-at-law for leading international and national law firms, where he advised large and medium-sized companies mainly in the high-tech sector. In 2008 he founded the successful Berlin start-up ubitricity, which develops intelligent solutions for charging and intelligent grid integration of electric cars. Since 2018 Frank Pawlitschek has been President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e. V. (BEN) and member of the board of the German New Energy Industry Association. (bne). He is also frequently involved as a mentor for young founders.

Maximilian Mense

Maximilian studied law at the Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster and completed his studies with the first state examination. Already during his studies he worked for several start-ups and was, among other things, self-employed in the event sector.

After his studies he focused on the innovation area of legal-tech and worked as Head of Business Development for one of the leading German providers in the field of document automation, where he was responsible for sales and strategy issues in particular.

Since December 2019 Maximilian has been a research assistant at the HPI E-School. He is doing his doctorate in the field of legal tech at the University of Leipzig on the foundation of a digital GmbH.

Annalena Lorson

Annalena completed her studies in International Management (M.Sc.) at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft and gained her first experiences in the start-up industry through study projects, an internship abroad and her work as a research assistant. 

After her studies, she joined Urban Sports GmbH - Europe's leading provider of sports flat rates - as Corporate Account Manager. There she was responsible for onboarding and the support of business cooperation with a focus on Berlin start-ups and the region of Southern Germany.

Since January 2020 Annalena has been working as a research assistant at the HPI E-School and will soon begin her doctoral studies in IT entrepreneurship.

Tolga Buz

Tolga has studied Industrial Engineering at TU Berlin (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and has completed an additional Double Degree in Data Science und Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.) at EIT Digital Master School, including abroad studies in Istanbul and Madrid. He has focused on topics like B2C technology acceptance, project management, data science and machine learning.

During his studies, he has spent significant time with entrepreneurship and gained work experience in multiple startups in Berlin, initially in sales and operations, afterwards as data scientist and machine learning engineer.

Tolga has joined HPI E-School in October 2020 and is working on his dissertation in the domain of automated text processing utilizing machine learning algorithms.

Rebecca Lepadus

Rebecca Lepadus studied art history in Jena and Lyon and museum management in Berlin. During her studies, she worked at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, where she organized the Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit, among other things.

Inspired by innovative approaches and new event formats, she was subsequently responsible for the organization and implementation of various challenging workshops on an international level at the HPI Academy.

Since January 2021, Rebecca supports Dr. Frank Pawlitschek and the E-School in numerous organizational and administrative matters. She is mainly responsible for the planning of events such as the business plan competition and the organizational support of the co-working space.


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Getting to the HPI E-School

The HPI E-School is located on Campus III of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 189 (ground floor, rooms 1.3.09 and 1.3.10).

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Getting to Hasso Plattner Institute

Situated directly next to the Griebnitzsee metropolitan train (S-Bahn) station in Potsdam-Babelsberg, the Hasso Plattner Institute is excellently located in terms of its accessibility to public transit. With the S-Bahn, it is a short ride to both the capital Berlin and Potsdam’s city center. The Griebnitzsee station is also served by local transport bus lines.

You can find more information on travel to Hasso Plattner Institute here.