Space for ideas and startups

The place where everything comes together.

The E-Space is the place where everyone and everything comes together. It's the place where you'll find the E-School and Seed Fund team, where you can meet founders, share ideas, start a business or just drink good coffee.

The E-Space at a glance

  • Chillout room with Xbox for teamwork and breaks 
  • Co-working space for startups 
  • Conference rooms for meetings 

We have just started to transform the E-Space on Campus II into a place where everyone and everything related to starting a business can come together. Everyone is welcome to use our space. Let us know anytime what you like and more importantly, what you miss.

Information about the coworking space

With the coworking space, HPI would like to offer the possibility for startup teams to work on the targeted development of their business idea. Besides providing the space and a basic infrastructure, there is also the opportunity for contact and networking with other startups. The coworking space is located at Campus II. 

Where is the coworking space?

Who is the space intended for?

Are there opening hours for the coworking space?

How long can the space be used by a team?

What is available for use in the coworking space?

What else?