Excellent courses in entrepreneurship

Within the framework of the IT-Systems Engineering study program, HPI offers its students courses in the field of entrepreneurship to teach the core competencies necessary to found and develop a business.

Practical knowledge about the process of business creation

The course offering in the area of entrepreneurship address the special challenges of establishing a business in the IT sector. Topic-experienced instructors also impart important methodological and managerial competencies to students in the Master's program. The aspiring computer scientists receive the prerequisite knowledge to found a competitive company with their own business idea.

The transfer of practical knowledge is of central importance. In guest talks, startup entrepreneurs give practical insight into the process of setting up a business and share their personal experiences. Students also receive targeted training in the crucial soft skills needed to successfully carry out the activities of an aspiring entrepreneur, such as creativity and communication and presentation skills.

Overview of the courses

IT-Entrepreneurship (Winter Semester 2017/2018)


Dr. Rouven Westphal (HPC Germany, HP Ventures)

Nicolai Bohn (HPI E-School, HPI Seed Fund)

Nadja Hatzijordanou (HPI E-School, HPI Seed Fund)

Katja Grzebiela (HPI E-School, HPI Seed Fund)

various guest speakers (e.g. Markus Müller, Head of Product Number26)

This fall (WS 2017/2018), the IT-Entrepreneurship lecture will include the participation at the HPI bootcamp. It starts with a with a preparation-day at the beginning of the course and will be followed by the three-day intensive HPI bootcamp weekend, where you will live through the ups and downs that come along with building a team and bringing forth new business ideas and experience startup life first hand. At the end of the bootcamp you will pitch your bootcamp work to an expert jury. The bootcamp will also be open to HHL business students and D-School alumni. So that you have the opportunity to create great business ideas in interdisciplinary teams. The theme of this year’s bootcamp is Digital Health. The IT-Entrepreneurship lecture will end with a follow-up-day. The lecture will contain several guest speakers to impart entrepreneurial knowledge and experience and the bootcamp will also be a great networking opportunity.

The primary goal is to guide students through the topics of founding a company. Thus, equipped with the relevant store of knowledge and experience, they will later be able to implement their developed business model or their own business idea. We also aim to motivate HPI students to think more entrepreneurial.

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