HPI Business Plan Competition 2014

Two student teams from Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) were awarded seed capital and material support of around € 100,000 in the Business Plan Competition 2014. Three of the 18 teams who began reached the final round.

The winners of the Business Plan Competition 2014: Uli Quasebarth, Arkadi Jampolski, Benedikt Scholz and Jan Hase (all team Rooming) as well as Lukas Waschat and Tim Friedrich (team Group Discussion Services). (Photo: HPI/K. Herschelmann)

For the first time there were two winners in the third Business Plan Competition, held by Hasso Plattner Institute and venture capital fund Hasso Plattner Ventures (HP Ventures). The winners were: www.rooming.eu ,the Internet marketplace that makes it easier for students or trainees to find or sublet a furnished accommodations and the team Group Discussion Services, which offers effective new tools for qualitative market and opinion research. The two teams received € 100,000 each in the form of material support and seed capital.

Three teams placed in the final round of the competition for the most creative and promising business idea. The jury, made up of business leaders from HPI and HPV as well as external experts, choose the winner from these teams. The winners are awarded, among other things, HPI startup grants for the time post-graduation, seed capital, and support through business space and coaching.  Support for the winning, aspiring entrepreneurs is provided by the venture capital fund HPV. All business opportunities have a duration of one year.

An overview of the finalists

Team Group Discussion Services

Tim Friedrich (24), Bachelor student at Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), and Lukas Waschat (23), psychology student at the University of Hagen

Description: An Internet platform that facilitates market researchers in carrying out and analyzing group discussion. The two students will soon take their idea on the market as young entrepreneurs. Download press release

Team Rooming (now Wunderflats)

Benedikt Scholz (25), Jan Hase (24, both from Berlin), Arkadi Jampolski (21) from Osnabrück and Uli Quasebarth (21) from Leipzig

Description: Imagine an online marketplace that makes it easier for students and trainees to find or sublet a furnished place — this is the concept of Wunderflats. The marketplace also aims to improve the protection of both landlord and tenant rights. Download press release

Team Verkaant

Johannes Hoppe (25) from Potsdam, Lucas Wagner (23) and Tim Borchmann (25, both from Berlin)

Description: With the help of a modern web application, users can playfully discover and experience works of art. An intelligent algorithm automatically discovers the personal taste of the user and displays pictures of interest. Download press release