From the Business Plan Competition to exciting guest lectures

Every year exciting events are offered for HPI founder teams and those interested in a startup in cooperation with well-known partners from industry and science.

From lecture hall to company hall

Supplementing our lecture IT-Entrepreneurship are numerous possibilities that can accompany students with their ideas to founding a company. The Startup Bootcamp is a 3-day event, at which over 50 students from different universities go together through the ups and downs that come along with bringing forth a new startup idea. At the annual HPI Business Plan Competition teams can iterate their business model through three feedbackrounds and inputsessions, accompanied by coaches and have the opportunity to win a first funding. Next to these big events are irregular workshops and talks called XPERT Workshops. Furthermore, the student-driven HPI Connect Club offers the HPI Startup Talks.

News of upcoming events


The countdown is running: only 2 days left until the HPI-HHL Startup Bootcamp kick-off!

In diesem Workshop möchten wir einen Überblick über die für Startups wesentlichen Rechtsfragen in den Phasen der Gründung, … > more


New Team Member at the E-School

Julian joined the E-School Team in March 2018. In the last three years, Julian built an online print startup in Mexico … > more


Vragments prototyping workshop at HPI

Berlin-based virtual reality startup Vragments has conducted a workshop at HPI to develop a prototypical application along … > more


Cinuru at the European Film Market

At the centre of Europe’s most exciting startup hub, Berlin, EFM Horizon presents 10 leading tech entrepreneurs from … > more


Quantosparks among Germany's Top 10 Startups 2017

They are innovative, fast-growing and above all excellent: the Top 50 startups of the year 2017. This is the fourth time … > more