Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) regularly organizes expert talks on specific issues from the field of IT entrepreneurship. We are happy to provide the select group of HPI startups and founder teams a possibility to get informed about interesting topics and to network with other startups.

XPERT-Workshop is the name of the event series we have begun this year. It targets specific questions and challenges facing IT startups in the HPI environment. In this unique format, experienced speakers from our external network address important topics and contents that are especially relevant to founding an IT startup. After the talks, participants have the opportunity to meet and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

The topic choice is based on our discussions with founders and IT startups connected to HPI. It is possible to get in touch with us directly to discuss potentially interesting questions which could be the basis for a future XPERT-Workshop.

Potential topics:

  • Rules and conditions for VC financing
  • Setting up and conducting an online marketing campaign
  • Challenges and strategies in the B2B operation 
  • CLV & CAC – How do I optimize my business model based on these key figures
  • Where and how do I recruit my first employees