ArcWay AG

"The pilot in the cockpit of an airplane must understand and master all of instruments. Above all, the pilot must know their interdependency and complementary interaction. In a similar way, we develop an IT cockpit for our customer.” Dr Frank Keller and Dr. Andreas Bungert are eager to explain with clear examples the neither visible nor tangible construction of complex software systems and to create the integration of IT processes in terms of one central image — a big picture. Their efforts have resulted in the development of a business idea — AC-1, a product that intelligently brings together the various components of an IT project. With AC-1, the two research associates at the Hasso Plattner Institute for Software System Engineering have succeeded in creating a common reference level for the different IT users in a company. In addition, a simple communication level is created at which all parties involved in a process can interact with one another.

In March 2004, Keller and Bungert established their ArcWay AG company, and thereby the first HPI spin-off. The "viable path through software architecture" is based on the method of the Fundamental Modeling Concept (FMC), invented by Prof. Siegfried Wendt and taught at HPI. As members of Prof. Wendt’s staff, the two founders received the full support of their mentor and seem to have discovered a genuine market niche. In the meantime, there are already over ten employees and students working for ArcWay AG. Many of them are HPI Master students whose know-how is critical for the development of the AC-1 product. For students, on the other hand, there is an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in the company “The students are very happy to work on the development of a completely new product,” says Andreas Bungert. The company is self-financed and also personally supported by a number of business angels from the IT industry.

In the future, AC-1 is expected to be available in two versions: a standard version for use in smaller and mid-sized companies and a version that will build on the first one. The latter version will meet the individual requirements of large companies in worldwide distributed projects. The marketing of AV-1 will be accompanied by training and coaching.

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