Bungerts Ingenieurbüro

Dr. Andreas Bungert, the former chief architect and project leader at HPI and CEO of the first spin-off of Hasso Plattner Institute, founded the Ingenieurbüro (engineering office), in Berlin in 2011.

Bungert’s Büro provides process and IT consulting based on the Fundamental Modeling Concept (FMC) to develop focused, innovative solutions. IT solutions have an enormous complexity that overwhelms many teams. The key to success is to bridge the gap between those who want to use the new solution and those who want to implement it technically. Dr. Bungert gives his customers “the big picture,” where they have the complexity of both the demand and the delivery side under control. Teams with a common goal reach higher efficiency and speed by a significant order of magnitude, in contrast to other teams who are always getting in their own way.

Link to Bungerts Ingenieurbüro