onetask to revolutionize AI - that is the vision of the team behind onetask.ai GmbH. The entire process is considered: from the selection of suitable use cases to the provision of the customized AI model via interface.

The highlight: the software can be implemented directly by the business experts without them needing in-depth AI know-how; AI models are abstracted, complex metrics are replaced by simple visualizations, and a project framework is provided as guidance. AI-powered solutions become not only more cost-effective with onetask, but also significantly faster to implement and plan for success. In turn, the use case - such as lead prioritization or returns forecasting - can come to the fore.

To revolutionize artificial intelligence, onetask itself uses state-of-the-art technologies. This includes, for example, both standardized and proprietary AI algorithms in the machine learning stack to solve individual problems with generic technology.

onetask 2020 was founded by HPI master's students Johannes Hötter, Henrik Wenck and Simon Witzke after the team won the HPI Business Plan Competition 2020.