Synfioo GmbH

Synfioo is a cloud service that predicts and visualizes disturbances in supply chains in real-time. In logistics, small disruptions in the supply chain can cost millions.  Synfioo makes it possible to warn shippers, drivers, and transport planners at an early stage about any disturbance and their consequences. Complementing any existing systems, Synfioo accordingly enables automated transport planning. This result means significant savings for any logistic company.

Synfioo GmbH was founded in October 2015 by three HPI alumni. Dr. Anne Baumgrass, Dr. Andreas Meyer, and Marian Pufahl, staff at Prof. Weske’s chair, were lead researchers in methods for real-time processing and the prediction of disruptions in the supply chain. The creation of Synfioo resulted from these activities and feedback from the logistics industry. Since March 2016, Synfioo has been in operation at its first customer Jan de Rijk Logistics, one of the leading providers of logistics services in Europe.