Entrepreneurship matters!

The Hasso Plattner Institute is a worldwide unique place for Digital Engineering and Design Thinking. We highly value entrepreneurial thinking and action, because a lot can be achieved through entrepreneurship: for our society, our planet, our economy, and not least for each individual. Being an entrepreneur yourself is also a personally rewarding and deeply enriching experience that you should definitely try!

We live entrepreneurship!

We are here for you when it comes to founding a business.

We inspire, motivate and support you. Every day. From finding suitable business ideas, through the first tentative thoughts of a start-up, to successful company growth.

We offer an inspiring ecosystem and a lot of formats that individually help entrepreneurs to bring together all the necessary ingredients: Mentoring and coaching, methods around ideation and business ideas testing, business know-how and tool sets, finding co-founders, funding, network access, collaboration partners and much more. We do everything with the goal of getting people excited about starting up and making a difference together. 

You can find us on Campus III at Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 185 (in the Digital Health Center building).

Our entrepreneurship offers: Everything what founders need

  • Our E-School initiates formats for startup-oriented idea generation, offers numerous practical teaching formats and supports you from the development of the first idea to the kick-off of your startup.
  • We support you and your Startups with everything it takes to grow your business.
  • Our E-Space is the place where everyone and everything comes together. It is the place where you can find E-school and startups, where you can meet founders, exchange ideas, start a company or just drink good coffee. It's your E-Space.

HPI-E: The new Founder Ecosystem from HPI

We have just started to make HPI an even more inspiring place for digital entrepreneurs. We are creating "HPI-E" for you, an entrepreneurship ecosystem where there are no rigid boundaries between studies, communication, founders and startups. In which founding naturally becomes a matter of the heart - and not a decision of the head.  

All our offers are and will be tailor-made for you. We will include you, your thoughts, ideas and needs as much as possible in all further steps. If you like something or miss something, drop by, write us or call us.  

Let's build a digital founder community together at HPI that makes a difference.

E matters. Let's make a difference and be entrepreneurs.