Applied Cybersecurity: Challenging IT-Systems in Practice

We are organizing this lecture together with Prof. Dr. Christian Dörr and the chair of „Cybersecurity – Enterprise Security“ in the spring semester of 2022.


Target group: Students of the Cybersecurity Master's Programme

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Dörr (Chair of Cybersecurity – Enterprise Security)


Goals of the lecture

  • Work on and solve practical and realistic problems in small teams 
  • Provide the partner companies with practical approaches to solving problems in the field of IT security 


  • Start: April 2022Duration: 3 Months
  • Workload for students: 1-2 days per week
  • After an introductory event for presenting the tasks and finding the teams, the students will work on the solution throughout the semester and then present it at a final presentation.
  • Accompanying events, coaching and feedback sessions will take place to support the solution of the tasks and enable further contact points.

Close, practical cooperation with partner companies

  • Introduce a Cybersecurity challenge with practical relevance
  • Participation in the introductory event to present the problem definition and in the final event to receive and evaluate the project results
  • Coachings and feedback sessions with the students

Example topics for challenges

  • Analysis of the security situation of the current IT landscape & identification of optimisation possibilities
  • Design/development of concepts, metrics to increase IT security
  • Conception of a migration from legacy IT to more modern environments
  • Evaluation and improvement of security processes