Startups: From Ideas to Business

Wintersemester 2020/2021

Dr. Frank Pawlitschek (HPI E-School, HPI Seed Fund)
Maximilian Mense (HPI E-School, HPI Seed Fund)
Various guest speakers from the startup scene

Our course "Startups - From Ideas to Business" provides practical proven tools to guide students through essential topics of setting up a company and transforming an idea into a product or service that creates value for others. The course is a block seminar that consists of three sessions.

1st Session: Developing the opportunity

The course begins with an introductory block on Nov 05–06, 2021 consisting of lectures and exercises. Foundational concepts of entrepreneurship, opportunity discovery and teambuilding will be covered.

2nd Session: Launching your startup

The core piece of this seminar is a 3-day Startup Bootcamp, from Nov 12–14,2021. Interdisciplinary teams work on real-world business challenges in the area of cybersecurity provided by our bootcamp partner SAP. The bootcamp is offered together with the ESMT Berlin. During the bootcamp participants will learn about creating a value-proposition, developing a business model canvas, designing first prototype solutions and preparing a pitch.

You find more information about the Startup Bootcamp here: HPI x ESMT Startup Bootcamp 2021

3rd Session: Growing and financing your venture

The third block takes place on Dec 17, 2021 and is dedicated to exploring strategies for growing and funding a business. Topics around demand generation & sales processes, digital marketing and aspects of financing and venture capital will be presented and applied to the ideas you developed during the bootcamp.  

The course aims to inspire and motivate students to start their own business and to support them in developing the necessary knowledge and skills.

You find more information about the course and registration here