Testing Business Ideas

In cooperation with the idea providers/project managers of the three topics available for selection, we are offering this exciting event in the summer semester of 2021.

Addressees: Students of all HPI Master's programs.

Lecturer: Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, Annalena Lorson


Goals of the Event

  • Getting to know the process and various "experiments" for testing business ideas
  • Developing and step-by-step testing of practical, realistic business ideas on one of three different topics in small teams 


  • Start: May 2021, Duration: 3 months
    Workload for students: 1-2 days per week. 
  • A total of five block events will take place, consisting of four lecture blocks and a final presentation.
  • In an introductory session, the "Testing Process" and three topics are first presented, from which the students can each choose one to work on in a team. The teams are formed accordingly. The students are then asked to develop a business idea for their chosen topic and test it for its market demand with the help of various experiments - which are discussed in the following lecture blocks. The results are then presented at a final presentation.

Close practical involvement of the idea providers

  • All three ideas/technologies originate from (ongoing) HPI projects whose responsible persons are available for questions
  • Inclusion in introductory event to present the problem and evaluation of the project results in the context of a final event
  • Feedback appointments for the teams

The topics available for selection (still incomplete)

  • A Technology for Recognition and Analysis of Facial Expressions, Gestures and Tone of Voice of a (Live) Video Recording