HPI Startup Bootcamp #DigitalHealth

More than 60 participants from over 20 different nations came together at this year’s #DigitalHealth bootcamp on Novermber 16th – 18th. In 50 hours they went through team building, pitching, iterating, and prototyping sessions. The eight teams contained members with skills ranging from business, IT, Design Thinking and healthcare. The event was sponosred by Pfizer.

Experts from the healthcare industry, such as Dr. Sven Jungmann, Chief Medical Officer at smartHelios, Dr. Maike Henningsen, CEO Lonicare.com, and Marcel Salazar, Director of Corporate Development of the HPS Gesundheitscloud shared their know-how and gave feedback on the way. At the end, Sven together with Said Alib Haschemi from Holtzbrinck Ventures and Ekaterina Alipiev, Lead of Pfizer’s Innovation Hub in Berlin, were judging the teams critically and chose the Bootcamp winner and the best pitch winner.

The winning team was “dodoc”, that addressed the problem that nurses and caretaking personnel spend 30% of their time on documentation. “dodoc” provides a solution for documentation by voice command for hospitals and nursing homes. The presented prototype was also capable of querying patient records of the created database remotely by voice command.

Team “PeriPower” won the best pitch award for their solution that uses non-invasive sensor technology in diapers to improve patients’ daily lives and make healthcare processes in hospitals more efficient. 

Image Gallery: HPI Startup Bootcamp

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