Seed Investments via the HPI Seed Fund

For startups with an HPI background, initial financial resources during the start-up founding phase can be provided via a so-called subscription rights agreement. This allows to quickly reach important milestones in the start-up process.

The investment comes from the HPI Seed Fund which is managed by the E-School. The E-School-Team consists of experienced founders and startup managers.

We intensively support the portfolio companies, including the Problem/Solution-Fit and Product/Market-Fit phases. Furthermore, we support the preparation of further financing rounds. Our goal is to get you ready for a follow-on investment within 6-12 months.

Investment Criteria

  • You are working on an innovative technology-based business idea
  • Your founding team includes at least one team member with HPI background (e.g. ITSE Bachelor / Master Student, D-School Alumni)
  • You have or will establish at least half a GmbH (12.500 EUR)

The HPI Seed Fund invests in your startup in the form of a subscription rights agreement.

We already support you during the application process for the HPI Seed Fund to pass Quality Gate 1 before your pitch in front of the HPI Seed Fund Investment Committee.

HPI Seed Fund Process

Depending on the progress of your startup, we expect not only a convincing pitch deck for the application to the HPI Seed Fund, but also first internal reportings. It is particularly important for us to understand to what extent the core hypotheses of the business idea have already been validated and what the associated validation results look like.

For further details you can always contact us: eschool(at)hpi.de

Current HPI Seed Fund Portfolio

Previous HPI Seed Fund Portfolio Companies