Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Adding a Publication to PUMA

To add a publication to our PUblication MAnagement system you can follow these simple steps

1. Go to https://puma.hpi.de

2. Login with our group account. (if you do not have the credentials, please request them by mailing admin-friedrich(at)hpi.de)

3. Use the add post button in the orange bar at the top and choose Add publication.

4. Choose the BibTeX/EndNote snippet option below the search field and enter the BibTeX data into the snippet field.

5. Reveal the advanced options using the button on the right hand side and check the edit before import box, before continuing with the post button.

6. If available, please enter the DBLP BibTex Key

7. Add the following tags to your publication using the tags field:

  • 'yearXXXX', where XXXX is the year of the publication
  • 'firstnamelastname', for every author that is part of the research group
  • 'conf/journal', using the shortcut of the conference or journal where the paper was published, e.g. 'GD' for Graph Drawing

8. Under detailed information enter the booktitle depending on your kind of publication:

9. Make sure to enter the page numbers in the pages field using a single hyphen, e.g. '815-826'.

10. Enter the DOI of the publication in the misc fields field using the BibTeX notation, e.g. 'doi = {10.1016/j.ic.2016.09.001}'

11. Enter the abstract and replace the TeX math mode signs with the MathJax format, so $\log n$ becomes \({\(\log n\)}\)

12. If you added a thesis (Bachelor, Master or PhD Thesis), please use the annote field to enter the type of thesis (Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation) followed by a comma and the name of the university where the thesis was created, e.g.: "Master Thesis, Hasso Plattner Institute".

13. Clicking the save button at the bottom will save your entry and lead you to the publication list where your publication should be listed at the top

14. In the publication list, click on the title of your publication and upload the publication in PDF format using the big + button on the right hand side.



Adding a Publication List on your Typo Page

1. Add a new record to your TYPO page

2. Select the Plugin tab and click PUMA/BibSonomy Publication List which will lead you to the record edit page

3. Select the Plugin tab and enter the plugin options as follows:

Content Selection tab

Select content source: user

Insert the id of user, group or viewable source: puma-friedrich

Select content via tags: Enter the tags that describe the publications you want to list, e.g. 'tobiasfriedrich year2015 gecco' will list all publications of Tobias Friedrich that were published in the proceedings of the GECCO conference in 2015.

Layout tab

Choose the Bibliography Style for this publication list: Clean Citation Style XYZ (at the bottom), where XYZ is the latest version number available, e.g. "Clean Citation Style 002"

Choose the language for this publication list: en-GB

Check the box to enable toggle link for the publication abstract

Check the box to enable toggle link for BibTeX

Check the box to show a link of the publication URL field

Check the box to show a DOI link of the publication

Under 'Mode for personal author website' choose Publication

In the field beneath (Define personal websites and e-mails of authors) paste this link: hpi.de/fileadmin/user_upload/fachgebiete/friedrich/publications/authorlinks.txt

Show thumbnails/links of private documents of your publications: Show thumbnails and set links to documents

Handle curly braces: Keep curly braces in TeX math mode

Login tab

Use API credentials from PUMA/BibSonomy Backend Module: pre-configured API configuration

Choose your account: 'puma.hpi.de/:puma-friedrich(API KEY)'

4. Save your changes!

5. Add a new record to your TYPO page

6. Select the Special Elements tab and click Insert Record which will lead you to the record edit page

7. Under the Records section at the bottom, enter "177000" and click the PUMA-Plugin CSS entry that should have appeared automatically.

8. Save your changes!