Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

All Publications in 2022

The following listing contains all publications of the current members of the Algorithm Engineering group in 2022.

Conference Publications


  • Pareto Optimal and Popula... - Download
    Cseh, Ágnes; Friedrich, Tobias; Peters, Jannik Pareto Optimal and Popular House Allocation with Lower and Upper QuotasAutonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) 2022
  • Asynchronous Opinion Dyna... - Download
    Berenbrink, Petra; Hoefer, Martin; Kaaser, Dominik; Lenzner, Pascal; Rau, Malin; Schmand, Daniel Asynchronous Opinion Dynamics in Social NetworksAutonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) 2022
  • Three-Dimensional Popular... - Download
    Cseh, Ágnes; Peters, Jannik Three-Dimensional Popular Matching with Cyclic PreferencesAutonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) 2022: 77–87
  • An Efficient Branch-and-B... - Download
    Bläsius, Thomas; Friedrich, Tobias; Stangl, David; Weyand, Christopher An Efficient Branch-and-Bound Solver for Hitting SetAlgorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX) 2022
  • Doskoč, Vanja; Kötzing, Timo Maps of Restrictions for Behaviourally Correct LearningComputability in Europe (CiE) 2022
  • Führlich, Pascal; Cseh, Ágnes; Lenzner, Pascal Improving Ranking Quality and Fairness in Swiss-System Chess TournamentsACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC) 2022
  • Towards Explainable Real ... - Download
    Angrick, Sebastian; Bals, Ben; Hastrich, Niko; Kleissl, Maximilian; Schmidt, Jonas; Doskoč, Vanja; Katzmann, Maximilian; Molitor, Louise; Friedrich, Tobias Towards Explainable Real Estate Valuation via Evolutionary AlgorithmsGenetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2022
  • Crossover for Cardinality... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Radhakrishnan, Aishwarya; Schiller, Leon; Schirneck, Martin; Tennigkeit, Georg; Wietheger, Simon Crossover for Cardinality Constrained OptimizationGenetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2022
    Best Paper Award (Theory Track) Nomination
  • Analysis of a Gray-Box Op... - Download
    Baguley, Samuel; Friedrich, Tobias; Timo, Kötzing; Li, Xiaoyue; Pappik, Marcus; Zeif, Ziena Analysis of a Gray-Box Operator for Vertex CoverGenetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2022
  • Social Distancing Network... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Gawendowicz, Hans; Lenzner, Pascal; Melnichenko, Anna Social Distancing Network CreationInternational Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP) 2022
  • Deterministic Sensitivity... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Choudhary, Keerti; Cohen, Sarel; Friedrich, Tobias; Schirneck, Martin Deterministic Sensitivity Oracles for Diameter, Eccentricities and All Pairs DistancesInternational Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP) 2022: 68:1–68:19
  • What’s Wrong with Deep ... - Download
    Böther, Maximilian; Kißig, Otto; Taraz, Martin; Cohen, Sarel; Seidel, Karen; Friedrich, Tobias What’s Wrong with Deep Learning in Tree Search for Combinatorial OptimizationInternational Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) 2022
  • Tolerance is Necessary fo... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Bilò, Vittorio; Lenzner, Pascal; Molitor, Louise Tolerance is Necessary for Stability: Single-Peaked Swap Schelling GamesInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2022
  • Bullinger, Martin; Lenzner, Pascal; Melnichenko, Anna Network Creation with Homophilic AgentsInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2022
  • Fixed-Parameter Sensitivi... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Casel, Katrin; Choudhary, Keerti; Cohen, Sarel; Friedrich, Tobias; Lagodzinski, J.A. Gregor; Schirneck, Martin; Wietheger, Simon Fixed-Parameter Sensitivity OraclesInnovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) 2022: 23:1–23:18
  • A Branch-and-Bound Algori... - Download
    Bläsius, Thomas; Fischbeck, Philipp; Gottesbüren, Lars; Hamann, Michael; Heuer, Tobias; Spinner, Jonas; Weyand, Christopher; Wilhelm, Marcus A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Cluster EditingSymposium on Experimental Algorithms (SEA) 2022
  • Accelerated Information D... - Download
    Cohen, Sarel; Fischbeck, Philipp; Friedrich, Tobias; Krejca, Martin S.; Sauerwald, Thomas Accelerated Information Dissemination on Networks with Local and Global EdgesStructural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO) 2022
  • Bazgan, Cristina; Casel, Katrin; Cazals, Pierre Dense Graph Partitioning on sparse and dense graphs.Scandinavian Workshop Algorithm Theory (SWAT) 2022

Journal Publications


  • Hacker, Philipp; Naumann, Felix; Friedrich, Tobias; Grundmann, Stefan; Lehmann, Anja AI Compliance - Challenges of Bridging Data Science and LawACM Journal of Data and Information Quality 2022
  • Efficient Shortest Paths ... - Download
    Bläsius, Thomas; Freiberger, Cedric; Friedrich, Tobias; Katzmann, Maximilian; Montenegro-Retana, Felix; Thieffry, Marianne Efficient Shortest Paths in Scale-Free Networks with Underlying Hyperbolic GeometryACM Transactions on Algorithms 2022: 1–32
  • Combinatorial Properties ... - Download
    Casel, Katrin; Fernau, Henning; Grigoriev, Alexander; Schmid, Markus L.; Whitesides, Sue Combinatorial Properties and Recognition of Unit Square Visibility GraphsDiscrete & Computational Geometry 2022
  • Efficiently Enumerating H... - Download
    Bläsius, Thomas; Friedrich, Tobias; Lischeid, Julius; Meeks, Kitty; Schirneck, Martin Efficiently Enumerating Hitting Sets of Hypergraphs Arising in Data ProfilingJournal of Computer and System Sciences 2022: 192–213
  • The Complexity of Depende... - Download
    Bläsius, Thomas; Friedrich, Tobias; Schirneck, Martin The Complexity of Dependency Detection and Discovery in Relational DatabasesTheoretical Computer Science 2022: 79–96