Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

CfP: CTSE 2015

CTSE: 1st Workshop on Control Theory for Software Engineering


Self-adaptive software systems are establishing themselves as a mean for continuously assuring the software requirements in spite of dynamic, unpredictable, and uncertain execution environments. Nonetheless, most of the current approaches lack the formal grounding needed to guarantee the effectiveness, robustness, and dependability of the adaptation mechanisms. Control Theory developed a broad set of mathematical techniques for adapting physical plants. Despite the parallel within the two adaptation problems is self-evident, a Control Theory for Software Engineering places unprecedented challenges for both disciplines. Software engineers are required to abstract system behaviors into mathematical models suitable for control and to devise broadly applicable development processes taking “controllability” as a first class concern. Control Theory, used to deal mostly with unchangeable physical laws and limited measurable quantities, has to readjust to a new playground where the “physics” of virtual environments is often a design choice, calling for a paradigm shift from classic control. This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers active in the two disciplines, fostering the definition of software adaptation methodologies with control theoretical formal guarantees.