Prof. Dr. Holger Giese


Invited Talk by Thomas Vogel in the CS Colloquium at the University of Cape Town

During his research visit at the University of Cape Town Thomas Vogel gave an invited talk on "Model-Driven Engineering of Self-Adaptive Software" in the Colloquium of the Computer Science Department


We highly depend on software everyday such that it must become more resilient to changes in its own state, operational environment, and requirements. One promising research direction is to make the software self-adaptive by equipping it with a feedback loop. This turns the software into a closed-loop system in contrast to the open-loop structure typically followed in software development. Such a feedback loop monitors and analyzes the software and context, and if needed, plans and executes adaptations to the software. In this talk, we will discuss a model-driven engineering approach for self-adaptive software, particularly, how models can be used to specify, execute, and evolve individual elements of and the overall feedback loop. Therefore, we propose EUREMA, a domain-specific modeling language and a runtime interpreter for feedback loops.