Prof. Dr. Holger Giese


Keynote by Prof. Giese at the 6th IPM International Conference on Fundamentals of Software Engineering


Systems of systems (SoS) have started to emerge as a consequence of the general trend toward the integration of beforehand isolated systems. To unleash the full potential the contained systems must be able to operate as elements in open, dynamic, and deviating SoS architectures and to adapt to open and dynamic contexts while being developed, operated, evolved, and governed independently. We name the resulting SoS to be smart as they must be self-adaptive at the level of the individual systems and self-organizing at the SoS-level to cope with the emergent behavior at that level. 

In this presentation we will analyze the current state-of-the-art and open challenges for the envisioned smart SoS. In addition, we will outline our ideas how to approach this vision via a generic approach employing open and adaptive collaborations and models at runtime for trustworthy self-adaptation, self-organization, and evolution of the individual systems and the SoS-level taking the independent development, operation, management, and evolution of these systems into account.