Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

SEAA 2010

36th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced applications, Lille, France, September 1-3

Two of the major current trends in software engineering are: the emphasis given to the need of introducing modeling for dealing with the complexity of IT systems, and the increasingly central role of component-based and service-based paradigms in the development of software systems.

The idea advocated by model-based development is to develop systems starting from models, at different levels of abstraction, that are capable of expressing domain specific concepts in a way that is at the same time precise, intuitive, and machine-processable, so allowing automated manipulation and transformation. Because of these and other factors, the popularity of model-based development has steadily increased over the years, reaching various engineering disciplines, beside software development.

Component-based and service-based software engineering are development paradigms that promise to accelerate software development and to reduce costs by assembling systems from prefabricated software units (components and/or services).

By these approaches the development focus shifts from activities concerning the in-house custom design and implementation of the system components, to activities concerning the identification, selection, and composition of components services and offered by third parties.

The two fields outlined above are strictly intertwined and the main goal of this track is to provide a discussion forum where researchers and practitioners on model-based development, component-based and service-based software engineering can meet, disseminate and exchange ideas and problems, identify some of the key issues related to these topics, and explore together possible solutions and future works. For this reason we have merged two Euromicro SEAA tracks (CBSE & MDD) into a common one.


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Submission of papers:          March 15, 2010 Notification of acceptance:    April 27, 2010 Camera-ready paper due:          May 26, 2010