Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

SoftIoT 2017

Link to the Web site of the 1st International Workshop on Software Engineering for Internet of Things

Systems built around large number of connected devices — Internet of Things (IoT) — are very hard to build and maintain. They put forward challenges related to connectivity, physical and logical distribution, heterogeneity and resource scarcity of end-devices. At the same time, requirements of end-users increase: they expect systems that do not crush and jeopardise their safety, are always on and responding to their needs in personalized ways. The IoT domain is probably at the peak of the hype curve; however, it also presents hard software engineering problems.

Important questions, for example, include:

  • How to develop closed-loop systems by ensuring important qualities such as safety and reliability in highly dynamic and open-ended IoT systems?
  • How to design, architect, and develop IoT systems in a cost-effective and incremental manner?
  • To which extent can existing architecture styles (e.g. REST) be reused?

This workshop aims to make a step forward in better understanding the important challenges and the untapped opportunities in software engineering for IoT. We intend to do so by bringing together IoT experts (working primarily on IoT-specific topics such as connectivity, energy-efficiency, virtualization) and software engineers and architects who work on novel architectural abstractions, methods, and development processes applicable to the highly dynamic and opportunistic IoT domain. We expect that such synergy will lead to insightful discussions—and possibly some new and impactful solution concepts.