Prof. Dr. Holger Giese


Vortrag von Dr. Leen Lambers an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Kolloquium am Institut für Informatik (29.06.2011)

Correctness of Model Transformations

In order to cope with the growing complexity of software, models become central software development artefacts as proposed in the MDE approach. Moreover, automation through model transformations leads to adaptable, cost-effective as well as high-quality software. However, for this purpose correctness of the corresponding model transformations needs to be guaranteed, otherwise they might cause problems in the complete development chain. Consequently, the success of MDE highly depends on the availability of adequate model transformation techniques as well as methods to show their correctness. In fact, this is comparable with the ongoing success of high-level programming languages due to the availability of adequate compiler construction techniques as well as methods to show their correctness.

The DFG-project CorMorant is concerned with the investigation of methods and tooling supporting the development of correct model transformations described by graph transformation. This talk starts with an overview of the objectives of CorMorant and a short introduction to graph transformation as a visual specification technique. It continues with an overview on the present achievements of CorMorant: First, we focus on how to show conformance of a relational (declarative) model transformation specification technique with its operationalization. Then, we concentrate on syntactic correctness of model transformations and corresponding static analysis techniques. We conclude this talk with a related work overview and outlook on semantic correctness of model transformations.