Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship


to the website of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship, led by Professor Katharina Hölzle. Here you can find news of our Research Group as well as information about our team, teaching activities, research projects and foci, publications, and opportunities to cooperate.

Due to the current pandemic, our courses 'Wirtschaftliche Grundlagen 2' (Bachelor), 'Technology Management' (Master), and 'Predicting Policy Decisions for Sustainability' (Master) will be offered online until further notice. Further information can be found on the corresponding course websites and Moodle courses.


Our Profile

Digital technologies are the fabric of entrepreneurship and innovation across traditional industry boundaries, encompassing networks, ecosystems, and communities. The Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship, chaired by Professor Katharina Hölzle, investigates the role of digital technologies as a driver for business models, enabler for collaboration, and outcome of entrepreneurial operations. Models and practices are developed to design entrepreneurial organizations that redefine traditional industries and drive economic development.