Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle


How entrepreneurial ecosystems cope with the pandemic - New research presented

Research on Entrepreneurs of the 'Digital Hub Initiative' presented by Valeska Maul at the PDW "Resilience and Digital Entrepreneurship"

Photo: Andrea Adam Moore, IU Europe Gateway at Indiana University

What makes for resilience in digital entrepreneurial ecosystems?

Valeska Maul, Robert Rose, Professor Katharina Hölzle, and Ines Hölscher are addressing this question for the context of the German ‘Digital Hub Initiative.’ The initiative aims to facilitate networking among innovative start-ups, established corporates, and scientific institutions towards productive digital entrepreneurship at twelve `Digital Hubs' across major German cities, featuring different technology foci.

At the PDW "Resilience and Digital Entrepreneurship", Valeska Maul presented preliminary results of the research project to leading entrepreneurship scholars. The annual conference was organized by Professor David B. Audretsch, Professor Maksim Belitski, and Professor Matthias Menter and is sponsored by the University of Reading, Indiana University Bloomington, and the British Council (Creative Spark Project).

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