Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle



Two papers accepted at DRUID21

At this year’s DRUID conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (October 18-20), we will present two research papers of the research group IT Entrepreneurship.

Photo: Michal Czyz on Unsplash

The first research paper illustrates the contributions of sustainability-oriented entrepreneurs to sustainable development within the Berlin ecosystem, based on a topic modeling approach of 1167 newspaper articles.
The second research paper explores the relationship between digital transformation activities in incumbent firms and the appearance and influence of informal roles, based on an in-depth interview study in large German organizations.

  1. Gebhardt Leonhard, Hölzle Katharina, Bachmann Nina (2021). ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’—Enactment and Representation of Entrepreneurial Contributions to Sustainability Transitions in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Accepted paper at DRUID21, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  2. Petzolt Sophie, Hölzle Katharina (2021). Promotors In The Digital Age: Exploring The Role And Activities Of Informal Roles In Incumbents’ Digital Transformation. Accepted paper at DRUID21, Copenhagen, Denmark.