Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle


Hightech Forum Publishes Impulse Paper on Innovation and Qualification

The Hightech Forum published a new impulse paper on innovation and qualification on July 15th. > Go to article


New Research Assistants and Doctoral Candidates join the Team

The team of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship welcomes Nina Bachmann and Daniel-Leonhard Fox. > Go to article


Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation Meeting in Passau

The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) held a meeting in Passau from 24 to 26 June. > Go to article


Innovation Behaviour in Times of Crisis

Lena Mayer, Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle and Dr. Robert Rose are conducting a new study.‬ > Go to article


High-tech Forum publishes Innovation Policy Guidelines after the Corona Crisis

High-tech forum publishes policy brief with innovation policy guidelines after the corona crisis. > Go to article


Guest Lecture held by Tobias Heger, Rohrbeck & Heger GmbH

On 29.05.2020, Tobias Heger gave a digital guest lecture in the master course "Technology Management". > Go to article


EFI publishes Policy Brief on Corona Crisis

Publication of the EFI Policy Brief on the shutdown due to the coronavirus and economic recovery. > Go to article


Guest lecture held by Jerome Lange, Craftdrive

On 25.05.2020, Jerome Lange gave a digital guest lecture in the bachelor course "Economic Basics 2". > Go to article


Jury membership in the IGP

Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle will be part of the jury selecting project ideas within the framework of the IGP. > Go to article


Guest lecture held by Dr. Robin Tech, delphai

On 18.05.2020, Dr. Robin Tech gave a digital guest lecture in the bachelor course "Economic Basics 2". > Go to article


Perspektiven des Entrepreneurships

Neues Fachbuch zum aktuellen Stand der Entrepreneurship-Forschung, herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle, Dr. Dr. Victor Tiberius und Dr. Heike Surrey > Go to article


Resilient Digital Entrepreneurship

How are digital entrepreneurs responding to adversity and uncertainty in times of crisis? > Go to article


High-Tech Forum Publishes Impulse Paper on ‘The Future of Value Creation’

On April 1st, the advisory committee on the High-Tech Strategy 20250of the German Federal Government published three impulse papers. > Go to article


‘What’s different then?’

Panel on the climate for innovation at the HPI Industry 4.0 Conference > Go to article


Presentation of the EFI Report 2020

The Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation (EFI) presented its annual report to Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel on February 19th. > Go to article


Navigating Into the Digital Economy

Inaugural lecture by Professor Katharina Hölzle at the HPI > Go to article


Successful Doctorate by Carina Leue-Bensch

Supporting the Expression of Entrepreneurial Potential > Go to article


Profile in the Tagesspiegel

Professor Katharina Hölzle profiled by Tagesspiegel Background > Go to article


Digital Entrepreneurship?

HPI Podcast with Professor Katharina Hölzle and Dr. Robert Rose > Go to article


Successful Doctorate of Tassilo Henike

Cognition and Entrepreneurial Business Modeling – The Impacts of Cognitive Dispositions, Search Activities and Visual Framing > Go to article


Successful Doctorate of Jessica Schmeiss

Designing Value Architectures for Emerging Technologies > Go to article


Digitalization of Small- and Medium-sized Companies

New book chapter by Professor Katharina Hölzle and her team > Go to article


Christmas Excursion of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship

For this year's Christmas get-together, the team from the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship visited the Christmas market at the Gendarmenmarkt and afterward … > Go to article


Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2019

Keynote by Professor Katharina Hölzle at the Innovationspreis > Go to article


SAP Next-Gen XMAcademy

Professor Katharina Hölzle visits SAP Next-Gen in Walldorf > Go to article


Christmas Get-together

Welcoming Christmas at the Research Group IT Entrepreneurship > Go to article


Co-Innovation in Digital Health

Panel of the HPI-Mount Sinai Digital Health Forum 2019 > Go to article


Fellowship for Innovative Teaching

Stifterverband awards joint project by Professor Katharina Hölzle and Professor Detlef F. Sprinz > Go to article


‘The Promotor’

Profile of Professor Katharina Hölzle in the UNFOLD Magazine > Go to article


Professor Katharina Hölzle Newly Appointed

Inauguration of the HPI Professorship for IT-Entrepreneurship > Go to article


Welcome and Farewell

Professor Hölzle transitions from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences to the Hasso Plattner Institute, Digital Engineering Faculty > Go to article