Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Project Overview

Photo: HPI / Kay Herschelmann

Our research incorporates issues at multiple or across levels of analysis, embraces ideas and concepts from multiple fields/disciplines, and explicitly acknowledges the role of digital technologies – and thus contributes to a broadened understanding of the implications of digitalization for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The current research projects at the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship focus on the following main topics of the digital economy:

Selected Projects and Research Foci

Project for the digitalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Berlin/Brandenburg region.


Necessity makes for inventive - how a deficit position leads patients to innovate for themselves to improve their quality of life is at the center of investigation for the project “Power of Patients”.

Contribution of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship to the SDGs

As part of the HPI clean-IT-Initiative, the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship is actively involved in teaching and research. This includes the topics 'Patients as Drivers of Innovation' (SDG 3), innovative teaching concepts (SDG 4), 'Fair Working Conditions in the Digital World' (SDG 8), 'Designing a Sustainable Innovation System' (SDG 9), and a cooperation with the Sustainability Club at HPI.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Transformation

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Education