Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle

Project team supports companies in their digital transformation

How digital is my company and how can I systematically drive the digital transformation in my company forward? The participants in the online seminar Digitalcheck Mittelstand - Driving Digital Transformation dealt with these questions. The project team of the IT-Entrepreneurship research group supports in deriving concrete steps for digital transformation. The goal was to enable companies to systematically examine their status quo based on the Digitalcheck Mittelstand and to take the next step towards digital transformation.


With the overview of the competence center, the project team of the IT Entrepreneurship department draws a summary of the past years and summarizes the project period in a short and compact way. Current facts and figures about the achievements of _Gemeinsam digital are presented. In addition to insights from the maturity level measurements and other quantitative results, the overview shows how well the work of the Berlin Competence Center is received by SMEs.