Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle


The publications of the Research Group IT-Entrepreneurship are listed on the respective profile pages of Professor Katharina Hölzle and her team.


Selected Publications

Hölzle, H., Tiberius, V., & Surrey, H. (2020). Perspektiven des Entrepreneurships: Unternehmerische Konzepte zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Schäffer-Poeschel.
Schmeiss, J., Hölzle, K., & Tech, R. P. G. (2019). Designing governance mechanisms in platform ecosystems: Addressing the paradox of openness through blockchain technology. California Management Review, 62(1), 121–143.
Henike, T., Kamprath, M., & Hölzle, K. (2019). Effecting, but effective? How business model visualisations unfold cognitive impacts. Long Range Planning, 101925.
Hölzle, K., & Rhinow, H. (2019). The dilemmas of design thinking in innovation projects. Project Management Journal, 50(4), 418–430.
Rose, R., Hölzle, K., & Björk, J. (2020). More than a quarter century of Creativity and Innovation Management: The journal’s characteristics, evolution, and a look ahead. Creativity and Innovation Management, 29(1), 5–20.