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Sebastian Dreßen

Sebastian Dreßen

External PhD Candidate

E-Mail: sebastian.dressen(at)siemens.com

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Short Profile

Sebastian Dreßen is R&D Strategy Consultant at Corporate Technology of Siemens AG. As part of a Siemens-wide strategic partner network with international universities and research institutes, he is responsible for the RWTH Aachen University – the top research partner of Siemens AG. Previously, he worked as a technology manager of manufacturing technologies for gas turbines at Siemens AG and as a production developer of  sub- & transmission switch gears at ABB AG in an international environment. His research focuses on open innovation approaches for manufacturing technologies on the operational technology management level and their direct influence on the competitiveness of companies.

Sebastian Dreßen holds a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Siegen and a (M.Sc.) in innovation and technology management from the Steinbeis University Berlin. In the course of his studies he completed a semester abroad in Puebla, Mexico and an internship at BMW in Shenyang, China.


  • Dreßen, S. (2020). University-Industry Collaboration Indicators for Manufacturing Technology R&D Projects – The Industrial Perspective. Paper accepted at the 27th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC). Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Mönchinger, S., Schmidt, M., Dreßen, S., Wissmann, P. & Stark, R. (2019). Automatized 3D-Scanning Application for the Virtualization of Large Components. In ASME 2019 Gas Turbine India Conference. Volume 2. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Dreßen, S., Solis, L. E. & Neuenhahn, T. (2018). Development of a Technology Evaluation Score Model for Manufacturing Technologies. In 25th International EurOMA Conference. Budapest, Hungary.
  • Dreßen, S., Hoelzle, K., Neuenhahn, T. & Weinreich, I. (2018). Crowdsourcing for manufacturing technologies - Acceleration of time-to-market. In 25th Innovation and Product Development Management Conference (IPDMC). Porto, Portugal.