Realistic Simulation of Vehicular Communication and Vehicle-2-X Applications

Schünemann, Björn; Massow, Kay; Radusch, Ilja in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques for Communications, Networks and Systems & Workshops page 1-9 . ICST , 2008 .

In future intelligent transport systems, wireless vehicular communication will provide the basis for new applications to enhance safety, tra�c e�ciency, and provide infotainment services. In the near future, �eld tests are to be carried out to verify the improvements that could be achieved by these new Vehicle-2-X applications. However, the realisation of such �eld tests is very complex and expensive. Therefore, detailed simulations are necessary to prepare the tests in the real world and reduce their costs. Current simulation tools do not support all aspects necessary for Vehicle-2-X applications. In this paper, we present an integrated software simulation environment that ful�ls the special requirements of Vehicle-2-X applications. Furthermore, we introduce our testbed architecture that allows simulating vehicular communication under real physical conditions.
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