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Visualization and Analysis of Public Social Geodata to Provide Situational Awareness

Amirkhanyan, Aragats; Meinel, Christoph in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Advanced Computational Intelligence (ICACI2016) Chiang Mai, Thailand , IEEE , 2016 .

Nowadays, social networks are an essential part of modern life. People posts everything what happens with them and what happens around them. The amount of data, producing by social networks, increases dramatically every year and users more often post geo-tagged messages. It gives us more possibilities for visualization and analysis of social data, since we can be interested not only in the content of the message but also in the location, from where this message was posted. We aimed to use public social data from location-based social networks to improve situational awareness. In the paper, we show our approach of handling in real-time geodata from Twitter and providing the advanced methods for visualization, analysis, searching and statistics, in order to improve situational awareness.
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Tags big_data  geodata  its  location-based_social_network  situational_awareness  visualization 


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