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The Path is the Destination -- Enabling a New Search Paradigm with Linked Data

Waitelonis, Jörg; Knuth, Magnus; Wolf, Lina; Hercher, Johannes; Sack, Harald in Proceedings of the Workshop on Linked Data in the Future Internet at the Future Internet Assembly (LDFI 2010) volume   700   of   CEUR Workshop Proceedings 700 , Ghent, Belgium , 2010 .

Today, searching the World Wide Web in most cases turns out in looking for a specific item, which means that the user should know the item in advance. In the future internet, searching for infor- mation comes closer to the notion of ’window shopping’ by means of exploratory and semantic search technologies. In the course of the ex- ploratory search process the user constantly receives new information and establishes a personalized knowledge base. To make this possible, se- mantic search technologies utilize domain knowledge and semantic data, as e.g., Linked Open Data (LOD), to expand and refine search results, to derive cross-references, and to reveal implicitly hidden semantic rela- tions. Implementing semantic exploratory search requires various issues have to be solved including mapping text to semantic entities, detecting and cleaning inconsistencies in available LOD, ranking algorithms for se- mantic data and heuristics for recommendations, as well as appropriate visualizations of complex semantic relationships. This paper describes how LOD can be utilized to enable exploratory search systems for the future internet.
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