Cloud Security

Cloud Computing has become an integral part of modern day Information Technology systems. It adopts a huge range of infrastructures, platforms and services which could either be public or private. The safety of this new paradigm is especially important for comprehensive exploitation the integral potentials of the cloud. The HPI currently develops such approaches that could mitigate the security concerns of cloud computing.

Similarly, it is desirable that cloud service providers adopt innovative practices and intuitive technologies. HPI is also actively involved in contributing towards the development of such approaches that support overall growth of cloud technologies.

Our Projects

  • CloudRAID
    The project is based on a concept developed at the HPI, which enables safe and efficient use of public cloud storage infrastructure.
  • Agent Based Trusted Cloud Computing
    This research effort is focused towards development of an agent-based system, designed to increase security and transparency of cloud services. 

Completed Projects

Our Team

Former Team Members

  • Dr. Ivonne Scherfenberg
  • Dr. Wesam Dawoud
  • Dr. Maxim Schnjakin
  • Elnaz Mazandarani
  • Dr. Ibrahim Takouna