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Student Works


Technical Reports


  • Lock-Keeper won the 2007 German "IT Security Award" (in the "Kategorie Web/Internet Security").
  • Lock-Keeper got the Inventor's prize from the Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB) in 2002.


In recent years, the Lock-Keeper technology has gotten the right of patent, under the name of Data Connection Between Two Processors and Process to Transmit Data Between Two Processors, from several contries or districts.

  • Hong Kong, of China, Nr. 01104595.0, from 04.07.2001
  • European Union, Nr. 01 106 701.4, from 16.03.2001
  • USA, Nr. PCT/EP99/05550, from 14.02.2001
  • China, Nr. 99809961.9, from 31.07.1999
  • Korea, Nr. 2.341.180, from 31.07.1999
  • Canada, Nr. PCT/EP99/05550, from 31.07.1999
  • Russia, Nr. PCT/EP99/05550, from 31.07.1999

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