IoT Security


Interconnecting embedded devices with the Internet leads to the so-called Internet of things (IoT). The Internet of things is envisioned to realize fascinating applications, such as smart cities, predictive maintenance, and precision agriculture. These applications will involve large numbers of embedded devices that communicate with each other and remote hosts.

The security challenges in this area are diverse. On the one hand, IoT devices can be attacked from the Internet. On the other hand, IoT devices are often deployed outdoors in hostile environments and communicate wirelessly. Consequently, IoT devices require protection against both remote and local attackers.

Presently, our research in this area focuses on preventing denial-of-sleep attacks. Such attacks deprive battery-powered IoT devices of entering low-power sleep modes so as to drain their charge.


We provide a denial-of-sleep-resilient MAC layer for the IoT operating system Contiki-NG.


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