Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Web Science Group

The research focus of the group is on various topics related to the Web, such as Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Social Network Analysis, Entity Linking, and Recommender Systems. We are particularly interested in Text Mining to deal with the vast amount of unstructured and semi-structured information on the Web.

Current Projects

Cross-collection analysis

  • Analyzing NIH project proposals and funding
  • Jointly modeling patents and scientific papers

Topic modeling research

  • Combining topic models and word embeddings
  • Topic models for multiple corpora

News analysis

  • Identifying bias in political texts
  • Detecting hate speech in German news comments

Analyzing business communication

  • Extract companies and their relation
  • Identify topical networks

Temporal aspects in dynamic text collections

  • Hashtag recommendation in Twitter
  • Topical changes in StackOverflow


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We offer lectures and seminars on these topics, and also Bachelor and Master projects, as well as Master's thesis topics. For a list of open topics have a look here. We usually have more topics available, so if you are interested in writing your Master's thesis in the area of Web Science contact us.

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