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HPI Tomorrow Day: 150,000 EUR investment offers for new tech startups

On February 9th, the time had finally come. After a 12-week incubator program, the "HPI Venture Builder", five startup teams presented their business ideas and results at the HPI Tomorrow Day of the HPI School of Entrepreneurship.

Winner of the HPI Tomorrow Day

Over three months, the teams worked with coaches, industry experts, and regional investors within the framework of the "HPI Venture Builders" to develop and refine their business ideas and to build a real venture—, i.e., a company to construct around their tech product. "We are incredibly proud of the achievements of these teams during the program," says Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, head of the HPI School of Entrepreneurship. "The startup teams have shown that they have the skills and commitment to build successful ventures, and we are excited to their progress in the future."

In addition to the final presentations from the venture builder teams, Tomorrow Day featured keynotes and pitches from the existing startup ecosystem. With the HPI Tomorrow Day and the Venture Builder, the HPI School of Entrepreneurship aims to help young entrepreneurs build their own startups and drive the startup community at HPI and in Germany. After Tomorrow Day, the HPI School of Entrepreneurship will continue to support participating teams in implementing their tech solutions.

At the end of Tomorrow Day, three of the teams were able to secure one of the coveted investment offers of EUR 50,000 each and admission to the HPI Startup Ecosystem. In addition to the investment, this offer also provides a free place in the HPI co-working space as well as comprehensive support for further company development and financing. 

The following teams have received an investment offer:

  • cula technologies is developing a digital platform for high-confidence CO2e certificates based on data-driven end-to-end tracking of carbon degradation processes. 
  • docutize.ai is automating  the processing and structuring of data from PDF documents using artificial intelligence 
  • 24/8 Basketball is developing  an app-based platform for all recreational basketball players, which  combines offline activities such as tournaments, competitions, and challenges on basketball courts with a digital home for players and the community.

Photo Gallery: Tomorrow Day

Photos: HPI/K. Herschelmann