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CORSHIP - Corporate EDUpreneurship

Benefitting Start-ups, Universities and Corporates across Europe

Disruptive innovations and digitalization are challenging Europe´s business and educational world. The concept of “Corporate Entrepreneurship” (CE), where established companies (corporates) team up with creative entrepreneurs, has huge potential to turn these challenges into opportunities. Corporates receive fresh ideas and startups – currently faced with high failure rates and competition for venture capital – receive new strong partners.


Recently, a few EU corporates and start-ups have begun to embrace the concept. However, cooperation often fails due to misunderstandings on both sides. Moreover, universities – traditionally exhaustive sources of innovation – are not part of this movement yet, but an academic grounding connected to certification would benefit all sides. On top, universities urgently need new partners to find answers to digital educational trends (“Edupreneurship”) and changing needs (skills gap).

Therefore, CORSHIP sets out to establish a joint language between corporates, startups and universities to successfully exploit the full potential of CE across sectors and industries. This is done by connecting them through 3 core results:

  • the first MicroCredential Pilot world-wide on corporate entrepreneurship for selected entrepreneurs, managers, students. A modular, flexible course format stemming from MOOCs, 
  • the first MOOC on corporate entrepreneurship
  • an unique corporate entrepreneurship Toolbox to facilitate the collaboration between the 3 target groups. Consisting of guidelines, colabroative tools, best practices examples and the newly developed Co-Innovation-Builder) 

All 3 core results will be turned into permanent offers to trigger a long-term benefit for startups, universities and corporates across Europe to jointly become fit for the digital age.

Since January 2019 the Hasso Plattner Institute is one of the 7 carefully selected partners from 6 countries in the CORSHIP Project.

In this project, the openHPI – Team is leading the production and evaluation of the Corporate Entrepreneurship MOOC.

More information on the CORSHIP project can be found here: https://www.corship.eu/.