Statements on the Hasso Plattner Institute

“HPI does not only play an important role in the field of science. It also acts as an intermediary between science, business and politics. “

Dr. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

"Science at the highest standard of excellence and at the same time a strong commitment to the digital education of children and young people – if Hasso Plattner Institute didn’t already exist it would have to be invented as quickly as possible."

Sigmar Gabriel, former Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

"Hasso Plattner Institute is an impressive example of the collaborative work between science, business and politics and contributes significantly to confidence and security in information technology. It’s great that this institute exists."

Thomas de Maizière, former Federal Minister of the Interior

"The Hasso Plattner Institute is a flagship project for all Germany - its exceptional construction physically expresses what has made it so successful.”

Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, former Federal Minister for Education and Research

"HPI is like a lighthouse. Not only is it very innovative and flexible, but with Mr. Plattner has someone who conceptually and materially does everything so it remains on top globally."

Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner

"There's no better example of how the US and Germany work together in terms of technology engineering than the Hasso Plattner Institutes in Potsdam and at Stanford."

John B. Emerson, U.S. Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

"The HPI is a good example for innovation driven by an institution, for innovation in learning and work processes, truly living up to interdisciplinarity."

Prof. Dr. Günther Stock, CEO of Einstein Foundation Berlin

"HPI offers an outstanding computer science education and stands for professional excellence, practical relevance and creativity. It’s also a place where high school students can come to find inspiration and develop a passion for technology and IT."

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kempf, President of The Federation of German Industries (BDI)

“HPI recognized early on the economic and social importance of complex software systems and helps to answer pressing questions about the future in these areas.”

Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, acatech

"Thinking about complex systems and how we organize them is an elementary component of the teaching and research at this institute, and that’s very impressive."

Vinton Cerf, Google

“Based on the numerous projects I was involved in with industry partners at HPI, I found my studies to be very exciting and diverse.“

Dr. Anja Bog, HPI alumna

"At HPI innovations are happening as a result of an interplay between science, education, economy and politics. We are proud in Brandenburg to have the institute here in Potsdam"

Dr. Dietmar Woidke, Minister President of the Land Brandenburg