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Research Topics

Traditional databases are separated into ones for current data from the day-to-day business processes and ones for reporting and analytics. For fast moving businesses moving data from one silo to another is cumbersome and takes too much time. As a result the new data arriving in the reporting system is already old by the time it is loaded. HYRISE proposes a new way to solve this problem: It analyzes the query input and reorganizes the stored data in different dimensions. In detail, HYRISE partitions the layout of the underlaying tables in a vertical and horizontal manner depending on the input to this layout management component. The workload is specified as a set of queries and weights and is processed by calculating the layout dependent costs for those queries. Based on our cost-model we can now calculate the best set of partitions for this input workload. This optimization allows great speed improvements compared to traditional storage models.

  • Hybrid Data Structures for Main Memory Databases
  • Query Execution in Main Memory Databases
  • Application-specific Data Management in Enterprise Applications
  • Common Data Model (CDM) for combined OLTP and OLAP

I finished is doctoral research at the HPI in October 2012 and graduated summa cum laude from HPI. Beginning in November 2012 I will start a research project at the University of Fribourg together with Prof. Philippe Cudre-Mauorux in the area of graph oriented data structures for In-Memory Database Management Systems

Teaching Activities

  • Bachelorprojekt 2008/09 - Hauptspeicherorientierte Datenbanken *Seminar "Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry II" (Coach), Winter '09
  • Trends and Concepts Exercise Summer 2009 - Implement server side planing routines using SAP TREX
  • Seminar "Trends and Concepts in the Software Industry II" (Coach), Winter '10
  • Trends an Concepts Exercise Winter 2009/10
  • Trends an Concepts Exercise Summer 2010
  • Bachelorprojekt 2010/11 - Hauptspeicherorientierte Datenbanken


  • HYRISE - Hybrid Storage Engine

PC Member (Conferences)

  • 2010 IEEE Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) Demonstration Track


As seen in my DBLP Record. You can find my published presentations from different events at Speakerdeck.


Declarative Web Service Entities with Virtual Endpoints

Alexander Zeier,Jens Krüger,Martin Grund
IEEE SCC 2008, 2008

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