Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Master's theses

We are continuously offering Master thesis topics in the areas of stream processing, big data management, end-to-end machine learning pipelines, and benchmarking data processing systems. Feel free to contact us for specific topics. Running thesis topics can be found here.

Completed master's theses at HPI




Efficient Distributed In-Network Window AggregationLawrence BensonProf. Tilmann Rabl


Former Thesis Supervision

Technical University of Berlin

Judit Ramírez Méson - Benchmarking Smart Contracts for Clinical Trials - Master thesis
Iskra Racheva - Machine learning-based sentiment classification for the Bulgarian language - Bachelor thesis
Robertus Vincent - R and Python Benchmark - Performance Comparison and Evaluation of Machine Learning Models - Bachelor thesis
Adrian Bartnik - Runtime Modifications of a Flink Jobgraph - Master thesis
Jens Meiners - Data Generation for Machine Learning Benchmarking - Master thesis
Michail Romanov Melnikov - Designing a User-Friendly Cost Model for Databases in the Cloud - Master thesis
Timo Walther - Online Join View Maintenance with Changelogs on a Stateful Stream Processor - Master thesis
Fridtjof Sander - Extending Materialized Views in Apache Cassandra - Master thesis
Jürgen Bauer - Implementing TPC-DS for PostgreSQL - Bachelor thesis
Andres Vivanco - Data Generation for Machine Learning Benchmarking - Master thesis
Philipp Lee - Experimental Comparison of Spark and Flink on the BigBench Benchmark - Master thesis
Andrea Spina - Benchmarking Apache Flink and Apache Spark DataFlow Systems on Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms - Master thesis
Diana Gonzales - Data-less database systems for large scale testing - Master thesis
Diana Matar - Benchmarking Fault-Tolerance in Stream Processing Systems - Master thesis
Umar Maqsud - Scalable Text Generation using Generative Models - Master thesis

University of Toronto

Prashanth Menon - Optimizing Key-Value Stores For Hybrid Storage Environments - Master thesis

University of Passau

Michael Frank - Extension of the PDGF Framework for Update Generation - Master thesis
Manuel Danisch - Implementation of a Data Generator for TPC-DI - Master thesis
Christoph Hähnel - Workload Generation using Splines - Master thesis
Stephanie Ruderer - A Flexible GUI for PDGF - Bachelor thesis
Christian Dellwo - The Scalileo Framework - Bachelor thesis
Michael Frank - The Parallel Data Generation Framework - Bachelor thesis
Niklas Schmidtmer - Scaling DBMS using Scalileo - Bachelor thesis
Jens Vlasak - Parallel Random Number Generation - Bachelor thesis
Johannes Pirkl - Indoor Location Estimation using OpenMoko - Diploma thesis
Timur Abu-Ghazaleh - Partitioning in Cluster Database Systems - Diploma thesis
Alexander Bernstein - Considering Updates in Cluster Data Allocation - Diploma thesis
Alexander Salih - An Adaptable GUI for Product Quality Control - Bachelor thesis
Andreas Lang - A Database Benchmark based on an Online E-Learning System - Bachelor thesis
Christian Schörnich - Estimating Database System Throughput - Bachelor thesis
Christoph Hähnel - A Column-Store Overlay for Relational Databases - Bachelor thesis
Christopher Jahn - Query Cost Estimation - Bachelor thesis
Marco Sitzberger - Periodical Adaptation of Data Allocation - Diploma thesis
Martin Jergler - A Java 3D Graphics Engine - Bachelor thesis
Sebastian Schinkinger - Programming Project Management using Maven - Bachelor thesis
The Tong Vang - The Dynamic Fast Send Protocol - Diploma thesis
Yang Chen - Finding Periods in Database Workloads - Diploma thesis
Bastian Hösch - A Prototype of a Cluster Database System - Diploma thesis
Christoph Koch - The Fast Send Protocol - Diploma thesis
Marc Pfeffer - Dynamic Allocation in Self-Scaling Cluster Databases - Diploma thesis