Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Lawrence Benson

Ph.D. Student
Room: F-1.05
Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4857
E-Mail: lawrence.benson(at)hpi.de

Full Profile

Research Interests

  • Data Processing on Modern Hardware
  • Persistent Memory (PMem)
  • Efficient Stream Processing



  • Disco: Efficient Distributed Window Aggregation @ EDBT 2020
    Authors: Lawrence Benson, Phillip M. Grulich, Steffen Zeuch, Volker Markl, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper (external)   > Poster (external)   > Code (external)   > Talk (external, YouTube)



If you are interested in writing your master thesis with me, check out our open theses page for a few suggestions or contact me with your own ideas.

Thesis Supervision:

  • R-Tree Data Placement on Persistent Memory, Nils Thamm, Master Thesis, 2021



  • Data Management on Modern Storage Technologies (Master, Winter 2020/21)
  • Open Source Data Processing (Master, Winter 2020/21)
  • Data Processing on Modern Hardware (Master, Summer 2020)

Master Project Supervision:

  • Processor-Specific Stream Processing Query Compilation (Summer 2021)
  • Compilation Techniques for Dynamic Stream Processing (Summer 2020)
  • Dynamic Stream Processing (Winter 2019/20)

Bachelor Project Supervision: