The HPI Future SOC Lab provides hardware and software for researchers in cooperation with four industry partners. To gain access to the technologies listed below, you must first submit a project proposal (further information).

You will receive your access information directly after the project approval email in the days following HPI Future SOC Lab Day. Researchers get access for about 6 months. For the creation of the user accounts the Lab needs the signed Terms of Use (by the Principle Investigator) and a user list. At the end of a period, all project accesses and data are deleted.

Further information: Project Steps

Industry partners

[Translate to Englisch:] Hewlett Packard Enterprise
[Translate to Englisch:] Dell EMC
[Translate to Englisch:] Fujitsu
[Translate to Englisch:] SAP

Compute Power

High-RAM Multicore Machines

  • DL980 (80 CPU cores, 2 TiB RAM)

  • DL560 (80 CPU cores, 1.5 TiB RAM)

Distributed Computing

  • 1000-Core cluster

    • 25 Nodes

    • Each 40 CPU cores, 1 TiB RAM

  • HP CC

    • 32 Blades

  • Moonshot

    • 10 cartridges
    • Each 8 cores, 64 GiB RAM

GPU Power


  • 2 Intel Xeon Phi 5110p (8 GiB)

Nvidia K GPU

  • K20/K80 (HP/SuperMicro)

Nvidia DGX-1

  • Tesla V100
  • 1000 Terraflop
  • 40960 Cores

Storage and Backup

Dell EMC

  • VNX 5300, VNX 5700, VNX 5800
  • ~300 TiB HDD Storage

HP 3PAR (as part of HP CC)

  • ~40 TiB HDD Storage


  • Dell EMC VNXe 3300, Infortrend EonStor GS 2000
  • ~50 TiB


  • Dell EMC DataDomain
  • ~50 TiB Backup Storage


10G/40G interconnect

  • Fujitsu and Brocade Switches

    • 10G Server and Storage connection
    • Internet uplink via X-WiN of DFN (German Research Network)

  • Core switch with 40G Router interconnect


We offer single HANA installations on shared hardware. For these purposes we have the following hardware available:

Fujitsu PQ2800

  • CPU: 8 x Xeon E7-8850
  • RAM: 2048 GB
  • HDD: 2048 GB
  • HBA: Intel X540-T2 10 GB Ethernet

Fujitsu RX900 S1

  • CPU: 8 x Xeon X7560
  • RAM: 1024 GB
  • HDD: 6 x 900 GB
  • SSD: Fusion-io ioDimm3, 1280 GB
  • HBA: Emulex 8Gb Fibre Channel

Hewlett Packard DL980 G7

  • CPU: 4 x Xeon (Nehalem EX) X7560
  • RAM: 1024 GB
  • HDD: 2 x 300 GB
  • SSD: Fusion-io ioDimm3, 1280 GB
  • HBA: Emulex 8Gb Fibre Channel