Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

At Israel's technical university in Haifa, twelve students are currently doing research at the so-called Hasso Plattner Center for Scalable Computing, focusing on the increase of powerful calculation technologies. They are mentored jointly by professors from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments.


Shahar Kvatinsky

  • Member since: 2011
  • Supervisors: Prof. Avinoam Kolodny, Prof. Uri Weiser, Prof. Eby G. Friedman

Gil Einziger

  • Member since: 2012
  • Supervisors: Prof. Roy Friedman

Uri Verner

  • Member since: 2012
  • Supervisors: Prof. Assaf Schuster, Prof. Avi Mendelson

Aran Bergmann

  • Member since: 2012
  • Supervisors: Prof. Isaac Keslassy

Alexander Libov

  • Member since: 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Roy Friedman

Leonid Yavits

  • Member since: 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Ran Ginosar

Amir Morad

  • Member since: 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Ran Ginosar

Naama Kraus

  • Member since: 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Idit Keidar

Ofir Schwartz

  • Member since: 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Yitzhak Birk

Dani Voitsechov

  • Member since: 2014
  • Supervisor: Prof. Yoav Etzion

Noam Shalev

  • Member since: 2014
  • Supervisor: Prof. Idit Keidar

Maya Arbel

  • Member from: 2014


Prof. Hagit Attiya

Prof. Hagit Attiya is a world leader in Distributed Computing research, who designed many-core algorithms and proved inherent bounds on their complexity. Her main research contributions in recent years are in concurrent data structures and in the inherent cost of synchronization; she also has a long-term interest in specifying concurrent systems and verifying their correctness. She has co-authored a prominent book in the area. She won the Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing (in 2011) and the Michael Bruno Memorial award (in 2011). Attiya is an ACM fellow and the editor-in-chief of the journal Distributed Computing (published by Springer). Her research is supported by the Israel Science Foundation, and Yad-Hanadiv Foundation.

Prof. Yitzhak Birk

Prof. Yitzhak (Tsahi) Birk is on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering department at the Technion, and is the academic head of its Parallel Systems Lab. He received his B.Sc. (cum laude) and M.Sc. degrees from the Technion, and a PhD from Stanford University, all in Electrical Engineering. He worked for IBM’s research division, and has consulted to various companies ranging from large ones like HP to small Israeli start-ups. Prof. Birk’s research spans a broad range of computer and communication systems, with a focus on parallel ones. A common theme, applied in contexts ranging from storage systems to satellite communication and processor architectures, has been the judicious exploitation of redundancy for performance enhancement.

Prof. Yoav Etsion

Prof. Yoav Etsion is a faculty member in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments at Technion, and he is the head of the Computer Systems Lab at the Computer Science department. Prof. Etsion received his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel in 2010. Before joining Technion, he was a Senior Researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) where he held a Juan de la Cierva Fellowship from the Ministry of Science and innovation of Spain. His research interests include computer architecture, HW/SW interoperability, operating systems, and parallel programming models. He is a member of the IEEE and ACM.

Prof. Roy Friedman

Prof. Roy Friedman is an Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science at the Technion. His research interests include Distributed Systems with emphasis on Fault-Tolerance, Dependability, High Availability, Scalability, Mobile Computing, and Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. He has published more than 100 research papers on these topics and he holds two patents. Roy Friedman serves as PC co-chair for ACM DEBS 2015 and was PC co-chair for ACM SYSTOR (2014) and Autonomics (2009) as well as vice chair for IEEE ICDCS Fault-Tolerance and Dependability track (2013) and Middleware and Operating Systems tracks (2006) and vice chair of EuroPar (2008 and 2003). Formerly, Roy Friedman was an academic specialist at INRIA (France) and a researcher at Cornell University (USA). He is a founder of PolyServe Inc. (acquired by HP) and holds a Ph.D. and a B.Sc. from the Technion.

Prof. Ran Ginosar

 Prof. Ran Ginosar is faculty member of both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Departments at the Technion since 1983. He received his BSc from the Technion in 1978 and his PhD from Princeton Engineering in 1982 in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has conducted computer architecture and VLSI research at Bell Laboratories in 1982-1983 and at Intel Research Labs, Oregon in 1997-1999. He was a Visiting Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Utah in 1989-1990. At the Technion he founded the VLSI Systems Research Center in 1984, and serves as its Head. He co-founded several semiconductor companies, as well as Plurality, a many-core company. His research interests include CMP, many-cores and VLSI architectures. He has co-authored more than 150 refereed papers and 20 patents.

Prof. Idit Keidar

Prof. Idit Keidar is a Professor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion. She also heads the Networked Software Systems Laboratory (NSSL). She received her BSc (summa cum laude), MSc (summa cum laude) and PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1992, 1994, and 1998 resp. Prof. Keidar is a world renown expert in distributed computing and concurrency, having developed numerous distributed and networked systems, including for storage, multicast, group communication, group membership, distributed transactions and atomic commit, peer-to-peer messaging, mobile networks, Internet-based services, cloud services, trusted access to data in cloud storage, and concurrent programming. She has published over 100 papers in competitive peer-reviewed journals and conferences, which were cited more than 4200 times, and has supervised over 30 graduate students and 3 postdocs. She has consulted for a number of industrial companies building distributed systems. Prof. Keidar has served on over 30 program committees, including as PC Chair of DISC 2009 and SYSTOR 2015, as a columnist for SIGACT News, and a guest editor for Distributed Computing, and is currently serving on the editorial board of IEEE CAL. Her awards include the Yanai Award for Excellence in Academic Education, the Muriel and David Jackow Award for Excellence in Teaching, the David Dudi Ben-Aharon Research Award, the Allon Fellowship, the Rothschild Yad-Hanadiv fellowship for postdoctoral studies, and a Wolf Foundation Prize for Ph.D. students.

Prof. Isaac Keslassy

Prof. Isaac Keslassy is an Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering department of the Technion, Israel. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, in 2000 and 2004. His recent research interests include the design and analysis of data-center networks, multi-core architectures and high-performance routers. He was the recipient of the Allon, Mani, Yanai, and Taub awards, as well as an ERC Starting Grant. He was also the recipient of best-paper awards at IEEE IWQoS’10 and IEEE Computer Architecture Letters for 2012, and a best-paper runner-up award at IEEE Infocom’13. He was associate editor for the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, and TPC chair for ANCS 2014. He is IEEE senior member.

Prof. Avinoam Kolodny

Prof. Avinoam Kolodny is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of  Electrical Engineering at the Technion.  He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and D.Sc. in microelectronics from Technion between 1975-1980. He joined Intel Corporation, where he was engaged in diverse research and development activities related to device physics, VLSI circuits, electronic design automation, and organizational development, both in California and in Israel. He rejoined the faculty in 2000. His current research is focused on interconnect problems in VLSI systems, on-chip networks, and memory-intensive machine architectures utilizing memristor devices.

Prof. Assaf Schuster

Prof. Assaf Schuster of the Computer Science Department Technion is a world leading expert of distributed and scalable data Mining, Big Data technologies analytics & prediction, Cyber security and system vulnerabilities, privacy preserving, cloud resource management and more. Prof. Schuster published more than 200 papers in highly selective conferences and journals, some of which won prestigious awards. He consulted leading hi-tech companies, such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, and Verint. He participated in the bumpy journey of quite a few startups, some of which were successful. His algorithms on data-race detection were implemented in Intel’s Thread Checker. His papers triggered a rewrite of the Java Memory Model. His patents were sold by the Technion. He has built scalable production systems to handle petabytes of storage with off-the-shelf hardware. His research group is well known in its contributions to the field of big data and scalable, real-time knowledge discovery in distributed data streams. The annual funding of his group from national, international, and industrial sources, reaches hundreds of thousands of Euro. The group consists of several post-doctoral researchers and quite a few graduate students, as well as promising undergraduate students. Prof. Schuster established CSL – the Computer Systems Laboratory, and TCE – the Technion Center for Computer Engineering, which he headed until recently.

Prof. Mark Silberstein

Prof. Mark Silberstein is a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering department of the Technion. He received his Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the Technion, in 2010. His research interests include operating systems, system security and covert side channels, high-performance computing and hardware architectures. His main research focuses on  operating system mechanisms and abstractions for efficient and simple use of computational accelerators, e.g. GPUs, DSPs and FGPAs, and in particular, on accelerator-centric system architectures.  Mark is a founder of an Accelerated Computing Systems Lab, which is supported and actively collaborates with major hardware vendors, including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and Mellanox, as well as research groups in Yahoo, Microsoft, and IBM. Mark published over 20 papers in top tier systems conferences and journals, including two best paper awards.  Mark is the recipient of the Horev Innovation Fellowship and Yahoo Young Career Achievement Award in 2013. He is a member of the IEEE, ACM and USENIX.

Prof. Eby G. Friedman (Co-Supervisor)



Prof. Avi Mendelson (Co-Supervisor)



Prof. Uri Weiser




Alex Shpiner

Member from 2011 - 2013

Supervisor: Issac Keslassy

Amit Berman

  • Member from: 2010 - 2013
  • Supervisor: Prof. Yitzhak Birk

Dimitri Perelman

  • Member from: 2010 - 2012

Gala Yadgar

  • Member from: 2011 - 2013

Eyal Zohar

  • Member from: 2010 - 2012

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda

  • Member from: 2010 - 2011

Yaniv Ben-Itzhak

  • Member from: 2011 - 2015
  • Supervisors: Prof. Israel Cidon, Prof. Avinoam Kolodny

Ittay Eyal

  • Member from: 2011 - 2014
  • Supervisors: Prof. Idit Keidar, Prof. Raphael Rom

Nadav Amit

  • Member from: 2012 - 2014
  • Supervisors: Prof. Assaf Schuster

Shlomi Beer

  • Member from: 2012 - 2014
  • Supervisors: Prof. Ran Ginosar