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Search Strategies for Automatic Web Service Composition

Nikola Milanovic and Miroslaw Malek
International Journal of Web Services Research, vol. 3(2):1–32 2006

Service Engineering Design Patterns

Nikola Milanovic
In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Service Oriented System Engineering, pages 19–26, Shanghai, China, 10 2006 IEEE Computer Society Press.

Operating System Abstractions for Service-Based Systems

Michael Schöbel
In Proceedings of the Fall 2006 Workshop of the HPI Research School on Service-Oriented Systems Engineering, 10 2006

WSMO-MX: A Logic Programming Based Hybrid Service Matchmaker

Frank Kaufer and Matthias Klusch
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Evaluation von Open Source Produkten zur Ausführung Web Service-basierter Geschäftsprozesse

Guido Laures and Harald Meyer and Torsten Hahmann and Jan Möller and Philipp Sommer
In 1. GI-Workshop OpenBPM: 2006: Geschäftsprozessmanagement mit Open Source-Technologien?, 2006

Light-Weight Semantic Service Annotations through Tagging

Harald Meyer and Mathias Weske
In Service-Oriented Computing - ICSOC 2006, volume 4294 of Lecture Notes In Computer Science, pages 465–470, Heidelberg, 2006 Springer.

A Semi-automated Orchestration Tool for Service-based Business Processes

Jan Schaffner and Harald Meyer and Cafer Tosun
In Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Applications: Design and Composition, pages 54-65, 2006

Mixed Initiative Use Cases for Semi-Automated Service Composition: A Survey

Jan Schaffner and Harald Meyer
In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Service Oriented Software Engineering, pages 6–12, New York, NY, USA, 2006 ACM Press.

Automated Service Composition using Heuristic Search

Harald Meyer and Mathias Weske
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Requirements for Automated Service Composition

Harald Meyer and Dominik Kuropka
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Symbolic invariant verification for systems with dynamic structural adaptation

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Fundamentals of Service-Oriented Engineering

Stefan Hüttenrauch and Uwe Kylau and Martin Grund and Tobias Queck and Anna Ploskonos and Torben Schreiter and Martin Breest and Sören Haubrock and Paul Bouché
Potsdam, Germany, 2006
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