D-Flect with Karsten Kossatz on August 11th, 2021

Remote work in third places - Protecting the climate by reducing commute

At our next D-Flect on August 11th, 2021, we look forward to welcoming our former project partner Karsten Kossatz, CEO of startup independesk, who will talk about"Remote work in third places - Protecting the climate by reducing commute" together with Uli Weinberg and Claudia Nicolai as well as our former students Maximilian Roß and Ferdinand Wagner.


Karsten Kossatz

Let’s be honest: the endless commute to the office is the biggest waste of time in our lives. By now, there is already the hardware and the software to make it possible to work remotely from anywhere. And there are probably more productive and professional work environments near you than you think.

With his startup “independesk” serial founder Karsten Kossatz wants to revolutionize the working world by offering an alternative to the home office. He aims to abolish commuting, relieve inner cities and save lots of CO2.

In the winter semester 2020/21 he approached the HPI D-School and provided a design challenge for two Design Thinking teams in the Basic Track program. In an eight week project, the teams developed concepts to establish new forms of desk sharing in a remote work environment. 

At our D-Flect on August 11th, 2021 at 5:00 pm (CEST)  Karsten Kossatz, Uli Weinberg and Claudia Nicolai as well as Maximilian Roß and Ferdinand Wagner of the former Basic Track teams will present their findings and prototypes and discuss how we can rethink the way we work and adapt the working world to the future. 

Originally, the event was planned for June 30th, 2021 but we had to postpone to August 11th due to scheduling reasons.

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About our speaker:

Karsten Kossatz is a serial founder and last year founded the startup independesk, a platform on which companies can post their free desks and rent them out to people from the neighborhood flexibly and spontaneously - desk sharing via app.

In the past, Karsten had the communications agency PLAIN, as well as the new work startup Outside Society.

About D-Flect:

Our D-Flect is an informal forum for creative exchange within the Design Thinking community and beyond. In an interactive format, HPI D-School team members, alumni, coaches or project partners share insights and discuss the latest developments in their work. Moreover, we invite pioneers from all kinds of fields share their knowledge, talk about their innovations, and initiate engaging discussions with our community.

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