Advanced Track

The Advanced Track program allows experienced Design Thinkers to deepen their expertise. Students gain an in depth understanding of the method and mindset by working on a 16-week project. They cooperate closely with external partners from corporations, public institutions or non-profit organizations.

After the successful participation in the Basic Track program you have a basic understanding of Design Thinking. A more frequent application of a diverse set of tools, techniques and strategies helps you to work even more thorough in the Advanced Track.

The Advanced Track offers room for iteration and the improvement of solutions. It focuses on the holistic experience and understanding of all aspects in an innovation project. We emphasize shared learning and inspiration. Coaches and students exchange knowledge and develop ideas in complementary talks and workshops. While working on your partner project you will experience the challenges of an innovation project, get to know working processes and learn how to communicate with users.


Elisabeth Höpner

HPI School of Design Thinking
Program Coordinator

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