Advanced Track

The Advanced Track is an in-depth experience for Design Thinkers with prior knowledge in this field. Your familiarity with approaches and methods further increases in the sixteen-week project. Our students work closely with external partners, for instance large corporations, public institutions and non-profit organizations.

After successful completion of the Basic Track you’ve already acquired a fundamental understanding of Design Thinking. The regular use of a variety of tools, techniques and strategies help you to work with even greater skill in the Advanced Track. More practice leads to greater confidence and relaxes the sophisticated innovation work and professional cooperation with your project partner at the HPI D-School. Where else can you sit down and interact so closely with innovators from corporations and organizations?

The Advanced Track offers plenty of scope for iterations and solution refinement. It is a matter of experiencing and understanding all aspects of what such a project entails. Learning together and inspiring each other is the key element. In lectures and workshops coaches and students exchange knowledge and develop new ideas or fine-tune existing ones. During the project partnership you will learn a lot about the challenges of an innovation project, the work processes involved and the communication with both users and professionals.

The application process for the winter term 2018/2019 has now started. Basic Track graduates can apply via our online application plattform until 31 July 2018.

Further information about the advanced track program can be found here (in German).


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